A city boy.  Märel, Gaasperech, Gare, Hollerech – those were my stations. Along with Rome and Rio de Janeiro, Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for me.

Theologian and philosopher. Born into a family of mathematicians, I am deeply interested in the natural sciences, especially astronomy. When I studied theology in Trier and in Rome, I wanted to deal with the greatest questions of humanity: God, life, love, purpose, justice, responsibility.

I also completed a certificate in “sustainable development cooperation”, a correspondence course on happiness and a training as a coach.


Travelling to the 5 continents, many of my trips with youth groups. I have learned 11 languages in order to be able to understand people.  My most important trip was to Brazil, at the age of 21. I shared the life of the poor in the favelas and understood what gives them strength. It amazed, fascinated and changed me.

Since then, 3 things have shaped me: the commitment to the youth, the commitment to the weak, the fascination of living together.

Sportsman & Artist

Football, table tennis, cycling, badminton, mountain biking, painting, photography, cinema – my way of experiencing life. I have been very lucky in life as I am doing well.

I want to share my joy of life with other people.

I am committed to making everyone feel good.

Optimist, fun-loving and committed European. I believe in the good and support everything that is good and brings people together.


I am a citizen engaged in politics. I’m convinced that we can all live well and fairly together: people, nationalities, cultures, countries, with respect for nature and the environment.

We need ideas and visions for a good world for tomorrow.

I am committed to this: nationally as a member of the Luxembourg Parliament, locally as a municipal councilor for the city of Luxembourg.

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