I like travelling very much, also because I try to understand people and because I want to discover what makes them strong and satisfied. That's why I never travel purely as a tourist, but look for encounters with other people.

I also like to do sports: running, cycling, badminton, fitness training… Sports connect me with other people. For example, I really like the atmosphere at marathons and at every major race, because they are often like big parties!

The best part of my free time is the time I spend with my family. My grandpa has played a very big role in that lately. For his 100th birthday, he received over 2500 postcards from all over the world; for his 101st birthday, an orchard was planted with 101 fruit trees; for his 102nd birthday, children from all over the country wrote to elderly people during the Covid pandemic; and for his 103rd birthday, he received over 1000 photos of other people’s gardens.

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