Politics with joy and passion

Satisfaction is at the focus of my life. Living together is the secret of happiness for me. It brings colour into our lives. Our society lives on mutual solidarity. In doing so, I see myself as a citizen who comes from civil society and brings his experiences into politics.

I am involved in 3 positions: as a city councillor in the city of Luxembourg, as a member of parliament and as vice-president of the CSV.

A lively, modern and great city

Luxembourg City is beautiful. To fill this long history with life, we need liveable neighbourhoods, many places to meet, easy mobility, good shops and a positive atmosphere.

I want a city that pleases us all and is close to our hearts, and I am also working for this in the city council.

Social and coexistence

This has a double meaning for me. On the one hand, helping those who need help. And on the other hand, that we in Luxembourg have the special ability to live together as people from many nations, cultures, religions and language families.

Young people & their future

I am committed to ensuring that young people can have a cool youth, a good and up-to-date education and later manage the transition to university, working life, their own home, partnership, family, etc. well. 

I have been accompanying young people on their way for more than 2 decades.

Climate and sustainability

Our planet also belongs to future generations. We are in a crisis that must be solved now. That is why I am convinced of the concept of sustainability: the interplay of ecology, social issues and economy. 

I myself try to live in a more and more climate-neutral way. For example, I am an enthusiastic cyclist.


For years I have experienced for myself how good sport can be for you. I am lucky to be the chairman of the sports commission in Luxembourg City.

 It is about health, improvement, integration, fairness and challenges.

The CSV is a great party with a great history and tradition, impressive people and strong ideas.
I am following in big footsteps. As Vice-President I am involved in our youth, internal trainings and I take care of our internal working groups.
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